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#Save Your Periscopes

Jessica Mack

If you've been using Periscope for a while you'll know that your 'scopes' disappear within 24 hours. There was a service called Katch, that would save your scopes for you, but it recently closed down.

Periscope is now testing out permanent save options. Right now it's in public beta and all you have to do is include #save in your caption.

Of course you can still go back and delete it afterwards if you decide you don't actually want it to be available forever.

Soon there will be an option  within the app to set the time limit without having to include the save hashtag. 

Personally I'm all for the new option, because you'll be able to link to great scopes permanently, there will be no more ugly 'this Periscope has expired' messages on Twitter, and you'll be able to embed great videos into other sites.

What do you think, would you like to be able to save some Periscopes permanently?

If You're Not Using Periscope You're Way Behind!

Jessica Mack


When it comes to new social media platforms, I'm definitely an early adopter. I usually sign up to new platforms in the first week they are available, if not the first day, and completely immerse myself in them (to the point of obsession). And I have to say, I am all for the direction social media is heading, with more live action, and less polished, filtered content. 

Enter Periscope. In case you have been living under a rock, Periscope is Twitter's answer to Meerkat...both are live streaming tools, which experienced phenomenal take-up as soon as they were launched. 


I know what you might be thinking, why would I want to watch all of these live streams? And yes a lot of them are 14-year old kids who are at home, bored, just trying to get hearts (you tap the screen to show appreciation for what is being streamed). BUT, if you follow the right people, you're going to see some quality, informative, and entertaining content from around the world...streamed live, straight to your phone. 

On the flip side, you also have the opportunity to share your knowledge, expertise, or whatever exciting thing you happen to be doing...with Periscope's 10 million active users.

With the brands I work on, my team jumped on Periscope straight away, and are using it to increase our direct contact with fans. We've launched new products in real time, taken fans to world-wide events from the comfort of their living rooms, given them direct access to professional athletes for question and answer sessions, and involved them in campaigns in a way that we've never been able to before.

If you're wondering how to get started, and make the most of Periscope, check out this guide for more information: